`The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops but the cultivation and perfection of human beings` - Masanobu Fukuoka

The land where Mille Querce is located has always had a great potential – beautiful views, suitable climate and natural environment and the area is recognised internationally as perfect for many crops. The goals of Mille Querce include protecting, respecting and developing the natural resources of the territory. Respect of the environment is the base principle for determining quality of produce – the family works in respect of rigid protocols of organic production without use of harmful substances and is now being converted to BIO certification.

The choice leads to focus on quality and flavors, not on quantity, with only genuine products made with great care and respect.
Villa Mille Querce is a perfect place where to savor genuine products made locally with care. Olive oil, honey and truffles are sold not only to those visiting us but can be purchased also online.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Quality extra-virgin olive oil is a result of great care of the olive trees. Trees of different olive varieties already in production give origin to high quality diversified oil blends while new plantations will be used for single-variety products in the near future. Olives are hand picked and cold pressed with no chemical treatments to guarantee the quality of our oils.

Direct management of the whole production process, from hand picking of olives to bottling and labeling, is done by us. While we outsource some of the processes to local companies, we maintain our presence in each phase for quality control purposes to guarantee the final consumer the quality and provide all information regarding the product.


Honey production has been embedded within the family for generations. Since Mille Querce is committed to respecting nature by keeping the fields free of pesticides and herbicides, our bees can collect nectar from the best flowers in our area. We try to do all we can to protect this important, hard-working species, nowadays under serious threat from irresponsible exploitation of natural resources and use of chemicals.

Essential Oil

Nestled among oak trees and olive groves are patches of aromatic herbs such as rosemary, bay leaf and lavender. Being natural plants of the area, they complete our produce range. In the spirit of our ethical values, they are grown with care to represent the tradition of the territory and Italian culture.

Lavender, appreciated for its scent since centuries ago, is used mostly as essential oil or as dried, but you can find it also in several cooking recipes. Admire lavender and its fragranced lilac flowers mainly in the period between spring and summer – take a walk there or maybe have a picnic directly in the field.

Rosemary and bay leaf are at the base of Italian cuisine, whether traditional or modern. While they are used fresh or dried for cooking, they scent also our olive oil.


Incredible flavors and scents and natural colors of soil, a symbol of exquisite truffles grown in the lands of Mille Querce. The decision to plant one thousand oaks trees, specially inoculated with truffle spores, is the result of a long research into local environment, soil and climate, not only for the purposes of production of this delicacy but also to improve environment by planting new forests.

Careful study of methods and techniques of growing truffles will ensure quality production over years, to compensate for decreasing quantities in free nature, caused by inconsiderate harvesting, lack of care of the environment and use of chemicals in farming, all resulting in change in chemical and bio-climatic characteristics of soil endangering the species.

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